“Education is Freedom” – Paulo Freire

On the weekend of the celebration of 73rd Independant india, we decided to follow the footsteps of Dr. BR Ambedkar, the Father of the Constitution of India. He wished equality and freedom of every Indian. In 2002, in the 86th Amendment Act, the Constitution of India inserted Article 21A which provides Free and Compulsory Education to all children of ages 6 to 14 as a Fundamental Right. We wanted to do Something to Honor His Vision of the Independant India he would have wished to see.

We conducted a quiz for the neighbourhood Uday Shankar Club including the children of the slums. With an attendance of around 90, we divided the children all aged between 5 to 10 into two groups and asked them a set of 7 questions each. To our delightful surprise few managed to answer all the questions and we declared 3 winners from each group and gifted each of the winners with a Tshirt.

Then we distributed each of them a notebook, pencil, an eraser, sharpner and pen to all the children present. We interacted with all the children and their parents, encouraged each and all to send their children to school, boy and girl alike. They thanked us all for the event and free stationary that we gifted them. Their beaming Smiles and the enthusiasm other children, were encouragement and satisfaction enough for us. A Sunday well spent!

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