Reaching The Masses

On 17th October 2018, we decided to organise a camp involving the local people in Bahadurgarh. There were free health check ups organised for all the people who wanted them. Our focus was to let the common people know that we were around if anyone wanted to reach us for any issues.

In collaboration with ShivShakti Nursing home, a group of 3 doctors were available for anyone who walked in for any health issues or for a general examination overall. We spoke to the masses about the day to day issues that they were facing. Increasing Awareness about their overall well being including their spiritual and mental health was also an agenda. At the end of the 8hr session, a lot of smiles could be seen around. An appreciation to all the staff members who bore with us throughout the session – With Dr. Amrit Krishna and Dr. Mehul Tiwari.

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