Bringing Smiles Amidst The Glow of Diyas

On the Auspicious Event of Diwali, amongst the gleaming diyas we wanted to do something for those who could not afford to light the “Ghee Ka Diyas” in their homes! So for the desire to see a few beaming smiles We organised another camp by our Khwahish Charitable Trust in Garia near the Boalia Yuva Sangh Club in Boalia F.P school.

Around 30 children aged 7 to 12 were present very eagerly waiting for us. We started by playing a few Games with them which included a session of General Knowledge Questions . We gifted the winners of different games each by a Tshirt. Then we sat with the children and their parents and asked them about their school going routine and their food habits. We had made small groups and counselled each child and parent regarding the importance of education, nutrition and hygiene. To end on a not so preachy note, we sang and danced to a few songs in which all of us had a lot of fun!

In the End we surprised all of them by distributing free stationary. one note copy, one pencil, eraser, pen and sharpener to each of them. All of them were so thrilled they insisted we have their homemade sweets.

Diwali this year meant more than just Diyas and Sweets. It Was so much about their Smiles their Stories their Dreams and their Treats. Etched Forever!

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