The Start – Blanket distribution on the chilling night of 21st december 2017

That 2017 winter, one of the coldest in a decade, temperatures dipping down 6-7 degrees, no thanks to the cutting down of trees and rampant construction in the capital of the country, leading to desertification n ever reducing green cover, about 195 deaths were reported. For the homeless, the chilling winters are like a Death Warrant. So a few of us decided to give something back to the city that gave so much to the people. We loaded around 100 something blankets in a car and a minitruck and went around the city on the midnight of 21st december 2017 helping the homeless people sleeping roadside survive the atrocities the winter of Delhi was subjecting them to!! – by Khwahish Charitable Trust with Dr. Amrit Krishna, Askand Krishna and Dr. Ankit Pandey.

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